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Manufacturer Products
Agilent Transistors, Amplifiers, ICs -- See Inventory
AMD ICs -- See Inventory
Analog Devices ICs -- See Inventory
Bendix Caps, BNC Male With Chain
Bourns Variable Trimmer Resistors -- See Inventory
CDI Connectors -- See Inventory
Celeritek Amplifiers, Microwave, GaAs MMIC Chips and Connectorized -- See Inventory
Ciao Wireless Amplifiers, Low Noise and Broadband, RF and Microwave, Spatial Power Dividers/Combiners
Clearcomm Diplexers, Duplexers, Filters, 5.8 GHz and PCS Bands, TDMA
Delta Connectors, Adapters -- See Inventory
DITOM Circulators, DF6520, 865-900 MHz, 250 Watts, Type N
EMC Technology Chips -- See Inventory
FerriShield Ferrite RFI/EMI Suppressors, BC28B1251, 3/4' ID, Cable Bundle Clamp
Ferrocom Isolators, Coaxial and Waveguide -- See Inventory
Florida RF Labs Termination, Stripline, 22-0002, DC-18 GHz, 3 Watts -- See Inventory
Gilbert Connectors, Adapters -- See Inventory
Greenpar Coaxial Adapters
G. T. Microwave PIN Diode Attenuators, Phase Shifters, I&Q Vector Modulators, Switches, 3dB Quadrature Hybrids
HH Smith Banana Plug Sets -- See Inventory
Huber Suhner Attenuators, Antennas, Connectors, DC Block, Adapters 
Inmet Corporation Attenuators, Terminations, Adapters, Equalizers, DC Blocks,  -- See Inventory
IMC Filters, IMC9
ITT Cannon Connectors, SMA and SMB -- See Inventory
KDI Receiver Combiner Amplifiers, TDMA -- See Inventory
M/A-COM Attenuators, Dividers, Switches, Mixers, Amplifiers, Adapters, Phase Shifters, Hybrids, Antennas, Shorts, Caps, Terminations, Circulators, Isolators, Connectors
MECA Attenuators, Terminations, Power Combiners/Dividers -- See Inventory
Microlab FXR Bias Tee DC Block
Midisco Attenuators -- See Inventory
Midwest Microwave Attenuators, Connectors, Terminations -- See Inventory
Mini-Circuits Attenuators, Dividers, Couplers, Amplifiers -- See Inventory
Motorola Diodes, ICs, Zener Voltage Regulators
Nextek Lightning Arresters and Arrestors
L3 Narda Miteq Switches, Directional Couplers, Power Dividers, Terminations, Attenuators, Hybrid Splitters/Combiners, Amplifiers, Detectors
National Semiconductor IC, Temperature Sensor, LM50BIM3CT-ND
Radiall Cable Assemblies
Sage Laboratories Wire Line Couplers, Semi Rigid Coax -- See Inventory
Specialty Connectors Connectors, N Male 4-Hole Flange With Bifurcated Pin
S.T. Winchester Cable Assemblies -- See Inventory
Tru Connector Connectors, N Male and BNC Male -- See Inventory
Tyco Axicom Relays
UTE Microwave Isolators, Drop-In -- See Inventory
Vishay Resistor Network, Thick Film
Wall Industries DC to DC Converters, Input 18-75 VDC, Output 9 or 15 VDC -- See Inventory


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